Become a High Roller

What’s the High Roller? High Roll Description and Meaning

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Being a high roller means that a player is offered a private jet that flies them to the casino and a limousine waiting to take them where they need to. The leisure of being treated as a VIP is a nice feeling, fluffy fairground slot is fun to play that you feel like you are in a luxurious casino. Penthouse suites followed by the finest dining and entertainment. However, what is called a high roller in Vegas or any other land-based casino does not automatically extend to online gaming.

Although brick and mortar casinos promote a glamorous high roller lifestyle (as mentioned above) as part of their brand, online casinos are, by their very nature, special. With that in mind, online casinos offer different types of benefits to high rollers, such as better playing conditions, a super-favorable selection of high roller bonuses, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, negotiable comps, and the like.

High rollers are also known as “whales” and “money players”. Ordinarily, they are the ones with the deepest pockets, a keen sense for a game they should play, and a way to play it. However, to be officially labeled as a high roller, you have to bet a lot. But, it’s not just the wealth you bring into the game; every high roller is known for betting a lot, tipping big, and confidently arriving at a game – in style.


High Limit Slot Strategy and Odds

All slots are created equal, but some slots seem to be more equal than others – the high roller slots. Although there is no difference between the slot rules and how you position the symbols and spin the reels. there are two features of these games that differ when high rollers are in question:

  • Their betting limits are much higher

Unlike normal slot machines, whose lowest bet counts in pennies, high limit games can require as high a bet as USD 25.

  • They pay much more

The point of wagering high is scoring high, right? In that sense, high limit games pay much more than regular games, with their paytable often starting with hundreds of dollars. These machines resemble jackpot machines, as they can pay nearly as much as those. However, they are just slot machines that pay bigger.


What are High Roller Bonuses?

High rollers, aka big-spending players at online casinos or land-based casinos, usually get preferential treatment while playing. Being part of VIP programs, high rollers are likely to be able to claim promotions and bonuses that suit their lavish lifestyle spending.

Still, while high roller bonuses are quite large, they do require large deposits.